Great song was sampled by Kid Cudi for his single "Young Lady" on his album Indicud

Mad Men premiered on AMC in 2007 and shortly after became an instant hit and would lead a resurgence for a network desperate for an identity and escape from merely being a cable version of Showtime. The show takes place on a Madison Ave (Manhattan)  ad firm in the early 1960's. It does an amazing job of any work I've ever seen in showing the true essence of the era of the white  male dominated big business world.

Very Interesting Mini-Documentary about Cody R Wilson's revolutionary invention that brings the manufacturing of guns a lot closer to home. Which has the federal government scrambling. Is this a good thing for the U.S in a year that has brought us the heaviest gun control debate in the history of our country.

It has been much too long since my last post. and quite admittedly so I have missed the refreshment of expression. I will post everyday from henceforward. I will also include original content that I have been materializing over the past several months of which will vary greatly.

Last year's season was full of many ups and downs but I have to say my personal favorite moment of the season was early in the season when we played Louisville. It was one of my first starts of my college career. The Yum Center was packed and it was right before tip off and I remember looking around taking everything in and look over and see Hall of Fame Coach Rick Pitino. I guess it just made think wow this is real... and I really felt like I had accomplished a major milestone personally.

When dealing with such matters as transfers and eligibility there is a perspective that many people aren't looking at. A national letter of intent states for the student athlete that you are given a one year commitment of scholarship from the given school. Which means it is a renewable contract every year. And for the institutions  this is true.